2021 International Conference on Modern Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Professor Chaoan Lai of South China University of Technology is invited to attend the MLSCM 2021 Conference as a keynote speaker.

Professor Chaoan Lai of South China University of Technology is invited to attend the MLSCM 2021 Conference as a keynote speaker.

He is an expert in science and technology decision consulting of Guangdong Province, a director of Guangdong Economic Society, a director of Manufacturing Information Branch of Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society, an expert in the third phase of Golden audit project of Guangdong Audit Department, an expert member of Guangdong Big Data Professional Committee, and a director of Microcomputer Application Society of Chinese Association of Instrumentation.

He has been engaged in CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) in Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., LTD., and has been engaged in teaching and scientific research in intelligent manufacturing, integration of Two Industries, innovative methods and technology foresight in school of Mechanical Engineering and School of Business Administration of South China University of Technology. Successively presided over the sub-project of the national "11th five-year plan" science and technology support program projects, key technology research project of Guangdong province science and technology plan, soft science project of Guangdong province, natural science fund project Guangdong province, totally 33 projects involving intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing information system construction, product technology innovation, In addition, he has undertaken 9 projects entrusted by the enterprise, such as guidance of integration of informatization and industrialization, industrial technology foresight and R&D path planning, and analysis and design of intelligent manufacturing system planning.

He has published 100 academic papers in domestic and foreign academic journals and international academic conferences. He has published <Intelligent Manufacturing> (Springer, Publishing process), <intelligent manufacturing - model system and implement path> (mechanical industry press), <new product development> (Tsinghua university press), <modern manufacturing information system> (mechanical industry press), < network organization of new product design in the process of dynamic cohesion theory and method> (Economic Science Press),<work study and human factors engineering> (Tsinghua university press>, totally 9 textbooks and monographs. He has obtained 16 software Copyrights and 6 patents. His "Guzhen town Lighting Manufacturing Enterprise Regional Information platform" won the third prize of Science and Technology Award of Guangdong Province, provincial appraisal results. Prefecture-level science and technology awards many times. In 2010, he was selected as one of the candidates of the "Thousand, Hundred, and Ten Projects" of higher education institutions in Guangdong Province.